Whether physical, sexual or emotional, abuse follows the same pattern. The abuser is someone who uses their power to control their own needs by asserting their control over their victim(s), who generally are the vulnerable such as the young. What the abuser does is deliver pain and fear and in doing so protect themselves by instilling shame and guilt on their victims. As a result the abuse goes undetected and will result in the victim being traumatised.




Physiological Trauma is a Psychological or emotional injury caused by a deeply disturbing experience or experiences. In severe cases trauma can cause severe and  lasting symptoms that can be life-disabling. The most commonly know trauma is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) originally associated with the victims of war and first diagnosed post Vietnam. However Trauma can be caused by anything that shocks the senses and not all traumas will result in PTSD: the area is a complex one.

The majority of trauma's are minor. We may be initially traumatised by witnessing a road accident or hearing of the death of a loved one and in most cases the affects will reduce and disappear within a few days but for some they will experience a trauma that is so severe it will effect their day to day quality of life and may feel unmanageable. Abuse;physical, sexual, and spiritual are the areas which we will touch on and can be found in the navigation index.


Symptoms of Trauma


Commonly victims may experience , lack of sleep, fear, night sweats and dreams, tearfulness and anxiety that will disappear with rest and supporting medication. But where there has been severe threat to life or and consistent abuse the symptoms may escalate to a high degree of disfunctionality. The result may manifest in;

depression, shame and worthlessness, generalized anxiety and panic attacks, chronic pain such as headaches, substance abuse, self harm, eating disorders,feeling unreal out of body, little or no memories, unknown triggering of symptoms, mistrust and loss of hope and a sense of loss in who you are.


Index of Abuses:


Emotional abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Spiritual abuse