My chosen charity

Through People against Poverty and Business against Poverty, I support organisations that emphasize community and children’s initiatives that benefit the communities in which poverty is rife. DestinyLife Counselling directs its funding on programmes that relate to my core values of integrity, authenticity, and the right of freedom.

People against Poverty

People against Poverty are a charity committed to changing lives by alleviating poverty and suffering around the world through direct action. Their aims are:

  •  Feed the hungry, provide shelter, clothe and educate the poor, care for the sick and bring communities together to break the cycle of poverty.
  •  To form communities to engage with People against Poverty.
  •  To be a gateway, directly enabling communities here in the UK, to engage with International communities bringing life changing experiences.  

Business against Poverty is a community of businesses in the UK who through their engagement with projects support the reduction of international poverty and who have a desire to change the lives of others. I am proud to be an accredited  member / sponsor and abide by the code of ethics which may be viewed at here.


Business against Poverty is an accredited membership.  This community of business people care about the issues of poverty and ethical standards and are taking action!  Working together with like minded people, Business against Poverty enables businesses to embrace their corporate social responsibility. At Destiny we are:

  • Sponsoring children in Romania and Nepal
  • Visiting Romania on awareness trips
  • Donating money to provide hot meals for Romanian children
  • Encouraging our partners and suppliers to get involved.  

Child Sponsorship Schemes

Destiny Life Counselling is working with Business against Poverty on their child sponsorship scheme that enables companies or individuals to sponsor a child, in various countries.This is to help improve the quality of life for the children unfortunate enough to be living in extreme poverty. Many of the children who come onto the scheme have either been orphaned, abandoned, or just forgotten by society. The children are closely monitored by the Child Sponsor Administrator to ensure that their needs are attended to immediately. The money that is sent via People against Poverty ensures the child receives regular meals, basic medical care and access to an education along with small amounts put aside for an annual holiday away at camp, outings in the community, and Christmas and birthday celebrations. More importantly, that child is given hope for the future. Every penny donated makes a huge difference to the young children and their families. It literally can mean a case of life or death for some. If you would like to help change the life of a child or for more information on People against Poverty, or Business against Poverty then please don’t hesitate to contact People against Poverty or Business against Poverty direct.