My mood saddens as I collect my thoughts on this subject. Loneliness is not a medical condition so there are no medications to relieve the suffering of the victim. Of course there are attempts to self medicate, for example through alcohol, drugs even the Internet. The Internet - through its virtual relationship offerings without human contact - is a modern day catchment area for the lonely;  for example, social networking sites, dating agencies and pornography. Some even mock the lonely, “Oh leave him he /she’s a loner”, creating social outcasts of the suffering.


To be in a family (relatives, friends, colleagues), to be loved and to love, is a primal human need. Loneliness robs us of our self esteem, the will to function and can lead to both emotional and physical illness. Often associated with the elderly but it exists on a much wider scale including single people, divorced, bereaved, disabled and those who are emotional unwell. I am sure you could think of many more.

However, loneliness is not a fixed condition. With help there is no need to be lonely however impossible this may feel. With the support of a qualified and empathetic Counsellor or  Coach you can develop strategies to relieve loneliness while exploring any inner hurts. You will discover the underling reasons for your disposition and learn to identify ways and means to alter the current situation without fear of rejection. If you have read to the end of this, it is probably time to make contact and seek the sevices of a Counsellor.