Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is a type of domestic abuse that involves physical violence. This type of abuse can consist of several actions, including hitting, punching, kicking, restraining, and shoving, as well as threats of these actions.


However, violent individuals in these situations will often spew their poison in all forms of abuse. For instance, along with being physically abusive, they might also be emotionally, financially, and even sexually abusive as well.


Domestic violence situations are also not always what one would typically think of. For example, the classic domestic violence situation is often thought of as being a situation in which a man strikes his wife. Domestic violence can happen between married and unmarried couples, as well as gay and lesbian partners. Women are also not the only domestic violence victims, either, and they may even be the abusers.


Domestic Violence Counselling


The first step is attempting to help the victim to assess the situation. This usually involves interviewing the subject to determine the extent and severity of the abuse.

Education is a primary responsibility when counselling domestic violence victims. For instance, if I am counselling a victim that has not yet left their abuser, I will usually educate them on the aspects of domestic violence. In doing so, I am supplying them with information they can use to see their situation more clearly.


During their counselling sessions I help victims understand that the abuse was not their fault. I will also try to help a victim become more empowered and independent. If a victim is still with an abuser, I might also gently encourage them  that life without the abuser is not only doable, but also in their best interest.


Besides helping domestic violence victims with abusive situations, I will also usually help them work through emotional and mental damage they may have suffered during their ordeals. For example, they may need to treat disorders such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder