Posted on 17th March, 2020

This for sure is a time of increased anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety you already know how crippling it is and the arrival of the Coronavirus may be overwhelming for you. If you don't suffer from anxiety then the feelings may be new to you.  Wherever you are on the scale it is important to remember that you are not powerless. I have put together my top 10 tips for reducing Corona Anxiety-You may have some different ones so it would be good to hear them.


My Top 10 Tips


Make a Plan: You are not powerless in this crisis. Anxiety increases when you feel you are not in control. Take back control; make a plan, re-evaluating it when necessary will empower you.


Pray Regularly: Praying is a spiritual practice; it also a form of meditation that reduces anxiety and develops peace. You don't have to be religious to pray.


Reduce News Intake: Listen to the news, but I recommend no more than 15 minutes a day for updates.

Facebook: Withdraw or cut-out notifications of fear, severely limit time spent on social media.


Take Care of your Body: Exercise, eat well, reduce alcohol use, drink lots of water keeping your body and your mind fit will improve your immune system. Use the reduced time on social media wisely.


Stay Grounded: Anxiety is perceived fear always, look for the evidence. Don’t catastrophize i.e. The shops will run out… I will lose my job, therefore, my house….etc.


Help Others: Helping others is a proven way of reducing our own anxiety. Offer practical and emotional support, especially to the vulnerable eg set up skype for those isolating, help with their shopping, etc.


Do Not Scaremonger: Fear is a virus and it spreads like one. Make a personal declaration not to be a scaremonger.

Practicer your Breathing: When anxious, breathe through the nose to a count of say 5 hold it for 3 and breathe out slowly, pursing your lips letting the air out slowly to say, a count of 8. Be mindful paying attention to your breath. It may be obvious but Oxygen is a life-giver so give it some attention and seek good fresh air.


Be Financially Prudent:  For most of us, money is going to be tight. Be prudent in your spending make your money last to reduce the burden on others and be a blessing to others if you can.



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