Christians Counsellors often get a bad press when it comes to our perceived view on Homosexuality.

Posted on 19th February, 2014



In the counselling field there has in the past been much controversy around Reparative therapy. Reparative therapy suggests that sexuality can be ‘repaired’ inferring that same-sex attraction can be cured is an illness and second, it appears to make a prior assumption that it should be changed. (Source Therapy today a BACP publication. Vol 25 issue 1) Much of the controversy I believe comes from the USA but it is not unheard of here. I was pleased to be informed today that The Association for Christian Counselling (ACC) has ruled that such a practice is un-ethical and failure to comply will mean a member losing their accredited status. In short is recognises that Homosexuality is not an illness. Sexuality like all human behaviour is complex and I personally remain opposed to any form of discrimination.

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