First and most importantly depression is not a state of mind. And it is certainly not something one can say," snap out of it". It is not an emotional illness that inflicts weak people. It is a physical disability that affects the mind. It will statistically inflict one in five people. When certain physical conditions occur, neuro cells in the brain function incorrectly. At this stage, clinical depression sets in. You have to separate clinical depression with the common phrase: ' being depressed'. You can be depressed if your favourite team lose three football matches on the trot, you may be depressed if a loved one dies, you can be depressed if you lose your job -  there are many reasons for your mood being depressed. This type of single depressive episode is a normal reaction to sad or traumatic events. But clinical depression is something quite different. It is a breakdown of the neuro functioning in the brain that will result in your mood control systems being unable to function normally. In other words, you cannot control your mood; you can feel in the pit of despair even when things are going well.


Clinical depression is a severe and disabling condition that requires medical intervention and often the support of a professional counsellor. *Concerned about depression take an online test:



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