What my clients say....


War Veteran- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

I contacted Bill at a time when my PTSD had taken hold of my life; I could not function, I was feeling low and depressed and not knowing which way to turn.  With Bills, excellent composure and non-judgemental approach to counselling we were able to deal with my multiple traumas in a way that caused me the least amount of stress.You may have your reservations about counselling as I did, thoughts like: How is it really going to help;  Counselling is a load of rubbish,  I don’t really need help do I and  I’m only going for someone else!         

If you find yourself saying or asking those questions as I did, please have the courage and call or email Bill. He is an excellent counsellor who helped me deal with my PTSD acquired through my military career and has my unreserved recommendation. Billhelped me to function and enjoy life again. If you have any doubts I urge you just give it a go, please! 

                                               JN-West Country


Adult Married Male - Depression & Anxiety issues....

I contacted Bill at a time when I was lost in depression and anxiety couldn't see a way forward. Through his understanding manner, he was able to help me assess and address aspects of my thought processes and provide me with the tools to work things through. Over time, with Bill's support, encouragement and profesionalismn, I was able to move from a " I am never going to feel any better" attitude to one of " I am feeling  so much better I have my life back"

I am very thankful to Bill for his help.


                                                   GB - Wiltshire.


Emotional Abuse Client.

Bill was my counsellor. I had been in an emotionally abusive relationship for 14 years which I felt unable to understand and unable to address. It affected all aspects of my life including my business. I could not ever envisage my life with this person but I did not have the emotional resources to find the answers I needed or to leave. 

Bill worked with me and helped resource me to find the confidence to address many issues within my relationship. Throughout the journey, I discovered a lot of things about myself and I became more self aware and resourced to deal with the issues within my relationship. Bill’s expertise in trauma sets him apart from some other professionals as he was able to work at my pace and keep me and my feelings safe without re traumatising me on each visit. 

I have been able to move on my personal life which I thought would never happen. Life is so different now; I cannot thank Bill enough for his incredible work.

                                                                                                                              Name withheld, Wiltshire


An Adult Son with Clinical Depression

 “I can unreservedly recommend Bill Huxley as a professional counsellor due to the life changing effect he had on my beloved adult son D, who had for some time been struggling with denying his severe clinical depression, which not only gave him a near zero life quality but almost fatally affected his relationships with his wife, daughter and parents. I have no idea what Bill did, as this will forever remain between professional and client, but within only a few sessions with Bill improvements were crystal clear and today he is a fully functioning husband, father and son. Bill somehow managed to get the real D back and for that I will forever be grateful.”

AF, Wiltshire.


Destructive Sexual Issues

Bills direct, challenging, and deeply caring approach to counselling has helped me change direction in a remarkably short space of time. I had been struggling with potentially destructive sexual issues for many years but now look forward with confidence to a much brighter future knowing where to turn if things do get difficult again. Very grateful. 

Name withheld, South West.


Post Traumatic Stress - Abduction and Violance Victim

Dear Bill,

I’m sure that you can’t remember me as it was a long time since you guided me through the healing process. However for me this was a deliberate delay! It was a test for me that I really could feel good, that I could move on and cope in different situations. A year on the answer is “yes”!

Thank you for all the skills you have given me. My friend always says in her prayers “Lord, Thank you for Bill” so here’s a big THANK YOU from me.

Name withheld - South West



Adult Son with Anger Iissues.

Dear Mr Huxley, 

I understand from my son that counselling has come to end.  I would like to say how grateful we are for your help and wise words. He has not shared any of them but we have certainly seen a marked improvement in his tolerance levels and self-control since he has been coming to see you which has been great. Now he has the strategies and insight we hope that can be practiced forever. He has been very excited about his plan for his future work and that is fantastic. So Thank you very much.

Caring Parent - Bath & Somerset