Bill Huxley is a successful professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist. He lives and works in his home a  converted  1868  Wesley Chapel in Wiltshire. He works in private practice on a wide range of emotional distress issues.


Bill specialises in trauma recovery; working with domestic violence and many survivors of childhood sexual abuse, victims of kidnap, rape, war-zone PTSD, As a survivor himself of childhood abuse, the mental health

system and the failure of psychiatric diagnosis & medication, he is very well qualified to work with and to talk and challenge on most mental health issues. Bill has developed and implemented counselling and trauma programmes in Eastern Europe; teaching, feeding and developing communities existing in shanty towns where no utilities exist and abuse is ripe.  With his wife Valerie, he is the co-founder of the charity People against Poverty and founder of Business against Poverty.

Before his Counselling career, Bill served at an executive level in Industry for over 30 years. He has served in Hong Kong, South Africa, Romania, Tanzania and had business interests at home and in the USA. Bill has given many public talks and been interviewed on radio stations including the BBC.  He has become an advocate for the movement ‘Drop the Disorder’, a movement challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and exploring non-pathologising alternatives. Bill is passionate about setting people free from emotional distress, poverty and injustice.

If you would like Bill to speak on his subjects of interest then he will be happy to receive your email.